These galleries contain a collection of photos from various sections of the Buckingham Canal and other canals around the country.

Collection of galleries.

Aerial photographs

Aerial photographs of the Buckingham Canal

Bourton Meadow Re-Lining 2013

Installing the lining at Burton Meadow, Buckingham, prior to re-watering.

Bund Building at Hyde Lane

2nd July 2016. Building the bund at the end of the section to be watered.


Bridges and bridge locations, past and present.

Cosgrove Bridge 1 Restoration

In October 2016 we formally closed the farm crossing over Bridge 1 and started excavation of the bridge structure. The gallery be updated as we uncover the remains and start to rebuild the bridge.

Cosgrove Re-Watering

Gradual re-watering at Cosgrove by syphoning.

Little Hill Farm

Conservation of the bridge at Little Hill Farm.

Old Stratford

Old Stratford: Where the Old Stratford Arm terminated and the Buckingham Arm started.

Miscellaneous photographs

A selection of photographs from along the Buckingham Canal.

Other canals

A selection of photographs of other canals