About Us

Buckingham Canal Society (BCS) would like to see the canal re-opened, using the original line wherever possible. The restoration of the canal would bring new life, new recreational opportunities and new, environmentally-friendly businesses to the countryside and towns between Cosgrove and Buckingham. Restoration projects elsewhere in the UK have overcome much greater obstacles than any found on the line of the Buckingham Canal. The Society recognises that restoration is a long-term project which will involve major investment but when the canal is restored it will bring considerable benefits to the areas through which the restored canal passes.

BCS was founded in January 1992. It is a Registered Charity number 1156662 and is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). BCS was formerly Registered Charity number 1072924 which was an unincorporated charitable trust. The principle aims of the Society remain unchanged by this transition from one charity model to the other. The transition of members and assets to the CIO was formally completed on 1st August 2014. It is affiliated to the Inland Waterways Association and has members all over the UK.

The Society’s aims are as follows:

  1. To promote the restoration of the Old Stratford and Buckingham Arms of the Grand Union Canal to good and navigable order and to promote the maintenance and improvement of the Waterway for the benefit of the public.
  2. To promote the fullest use of the Waterway by all forms of water borne traffic and for all forms of water-related commercial, local amenity, tourist and recreational activity for the public benefit.
  3. To promote the education of the public in the history and use of the canals and waterways and Buckingham Canal in particular.

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