Feasibility and other studies

Restoration Feasibility Study by Halcrow

Buckingham Canal Society is very grateful for financial support from the IWA Restoration Committee and from David Polhill, County Councillor for Buckinghamshire County Council, who directed funds to us from the Buckinghamshire Community Leaders’ Fund. This enabled the Society to commission an initial engineering feasibility study from Halcrow (now ch2m).

Halcrow reported as follows:

  • The restoration of the Buckingham Canal is a feasible project, although there are a number of issues to address.
  • Restoration is likely to have a positive social and economic impact on the area as well as being of environmental benefit.
  • Obstructions in Old Stratford and Deanshanger are such that reinstating the line though the villages is regrettably not feasible in this section.
  • It may be possible to achieve a route which makes use of the River Great Ouse, by-passing Old Stratford, though this would introduce operational issues to be overcome.
  • Utilising sections of the river will need the agreement of the Environment Agency (EA). There will be benefits in terms of water management and environmental enhancement. The interaction of the canal with the rivers and floodplain will need to be addressed in some detail with the EA.
  • Much of the rest of the old line is visible and construction would be relatively unrestricted. Extensive consultation and agreement will be needed with landowners and relevant local authorities.
  • There is a possibility of crossing the A413 into Buckingham, again utilising the river, or a terminus basin could be constructed outside the ring road and used as a focus for a new development.
  • Public engagement/consultation will be needed to ensure the backing of all the communities in the local area and to understand their concerns and aspirations.
  • Significant funding will be required to undertake the engineering studies required and subsequently to carry out the project. It is likely to require short, medium and long term planning and the development of effective fund-raising policies.

The full report can be found in our resources section by clicking here.

Other Studies

A range of environmental studies, species surveys and studies related to flooding have been undertaken. These will be summarised on this page and made available as soon as possible. If you are interested in helping with this work for the Society then please email editor@buckinghamcanal.org.uk