Current ProjectsWe have a number of current restoration projects under way. These are located at four sites: Bourton Meadow, Hyde Lane, Little Hill Farm and Cosgrove.

Future ProjectsThe Society is looking towards the future, from organising routine work parties that maintain parts of the line to the long term plans for construction of new stretches of canal. The experience of canal restoration projects is that they start very small and take some time to develop and then grow exponentially. The aspirations of the Society are that a significant asset will be achieved for Aylesbury Vale, South Northamptonshire and the community at large.

Benefits of RestorationA restored canal running from Cosgrove to Buckingham would be beneficial for: heritage, leisure, the natural environment, tourism, the local economy and employment. It would also add a further cross-country dimension to the Bedford to Milton Keynes link.

Feasibility and other studiesA feasibility study for the restoration of the canal and other studies including species surveys.

Map of venues & work sitesHere you will find a map showing our work party locations and social venues. Type in your postcode for directions and to see how far you are from each place. A further map and directions for each project site can be found on their individual pages.  Click here for the current projects page.