Little Hill Farm

The section of canal at Little Hill Farm has been worked on by the Society for a number of years, culminating in the restoration of the accommodation bridge over the canal in 2011. This is used by the landowner to access the two parts of his farm that border the canal. The bridge, which is of a stone and brick design, was re-pointed using lime mortar. Many original bricks and stones were recovered from the bed of the canal. As insufficient of the unusual coping bricks were recovered for the parapet one of our members was able to make enough by hand to complete the work. Parts of the stone arch on the west face of the bridge were re-faced. The towpath under the bridge was paved with bricks donated by Travis Perkins.

Regular work parties return to the site to strim and control the vegetation growth in this stretch of original canal which is in an excellent state of repair and needs minimal work to enable it to be re-watered.

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One medium term issue is the replacement of the other accommodation crossing to enable the current 10 metres of infill to be removed. This was originally a lift bridge. The stones onto which the bridge would have been lowered are still visible. At some stage they have been replaced by stones recovered from a railway as they have holes where the tracks would have been anchored to them.

Here is a location plan for the site. There is no public access to this site and access is only permitted at BCS work parties and events.

Little Hill Farm is situated off the A422. Driving from Milton Keynes look for the sign for the village of Wicken which will be on your left then you will see a lay-by on your right.  The entrance to the farm is opposite the entrance to the lay-by. Little Hill Farm, Buckingham Road, Wicken, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK19 6DD.  Go down the long drive and park in front of the farmhouse.