Education and Young People

Overview – Buckingham Canal Society wishes to involve young people in its activities and to help children and young people learn about the history of the canal and its influence on the area in which we live.

Curriculum support – The Society would be pleased to support any curriculum-led activities in the areas of history, science, environment, geography etc. Guided visits to sections of the canal under restoration can be arranged and presentations tailored to the delivery of relevant educational objectives.

Work Party Participation by pupils – Examples of organisations that we have or are engaged with:

  • Pupils from Stowe School made regular visits to the canal, carrying out a range of environmental tasks and also clearing a culvert as part of our long-term water supply plans.
  • Pupils and staff from Furze Down School in Winslow helping with vegetation maintenance activities and assisting the environmental maintenance of Bourton Meadow site as part of their service for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • Students from Milton Keynes College Industrial Training Centre applying practical brickwork and carpentry skills learnt in the classroom to real heritage restoration work under supervision of our own experienced volunteers.
  • Scouts have helped with vegetation clearance.
  • Young Rangers from The Parks Trust have assisted with removing brambles and nettles.
  • Students from The University of Buckingham, providing opportunities for enriching their experience of publicity and communications.

It is possible for young people over the age of 14 to participate in work parties, and accreditation for this with the Duke of Edinburgh Award schemes may be able to be arranged. We would expect such young people to be part of recognised groups or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Any suggestions of additional ways in which students can become involved in the work of the Society would be warmly welcomed.

For further information about any of the above please contact