Current Projects

Current projects

We have a number of current restoration projects under way where, together with our partners, we are restoring the canal towards a navigable state and to provide wildlife habitats, cycleways and routes for walkers along the restored towpath. The restored canal will re-establish a lost link in the national waterways network, and the project will be part of the green infrastructure of the region, creating connections between existing wildlife habitats and creating aquatic and wetland habitats for endangered species. Additionally, it will offer a potentially valuable tool for use alongside other flood management initiatives.

Please click the site name to see details of each main restoration site we are working at:

Bourton Meadow (near Buckingham)
  • Restoration completed – including the re-relining, re-watering and planting
  • Permanent top-up pump solution including a chamber has been built with a river inlet and a solar powered pump maintains the water level
  • multiple species of butterfly and dragon flies have been recorded on the site benefiting from the planting including several endangered species
  • several varieties of fish and birds have also been seen
Cosgrove (between Cosgrove Lock and A5)
  • Built a farm access track and compound to enable bridge 1 excavation
  • we are building a new bridge and exposed the stonework ruin of the old bridge
  • Re-watered 250m of the canal westwards towards the A5. The next 200m will follow during 2019
  • Formal adoption of the canal and lock by BCS was agreed in November 2012 and continues
  • Detailed plans being drawn up and work budgeted for descent channel to drop down and go under the A5
  • Access permissions agreed with adjacent landowner (MKDONS) and tenant farmer
Hyde Lane (near Thornborough)
  • Footpath edging and top dressing has been progressing during summer 2016. Specialist woodland wildflower seed will be planted in Spring 2017
  • Restoration work in progress including the creation of two bunds (dams) to allow the rewatering by use of back pumping water from the bottom level of the lock
  • The lock chamber restored 2008 thanks to a grant from WREN
  • Lock gates fitted 2012 thansk to CRT who provided these
  • Further general maintenance and lock chamber work ongoing
Little Hill Farm (near Thornton)
  • Accommodation bridge fully restored 2011
  • Second accommodation crossing needs replacing
  • 1 mile of canal at this location is ready for re-watering once bunds are build
  • General maintenance ongoing