Future Projects

Routine work parties – These will continue to maintain the parts of the canal line that have been cleared so far. Ongoing vegetation control of these sections must be a priority during all other work to minimise future damage and loss. Additionally, maintenance of structures that remain, such as the bridge at Little Hill Farm and the lock chamber at Hyde Lane, is a continuing task in order to prevent loss of these built heritage assets.

Short to medium term – The Society is continuing to gather additional information in the form of further engineering and environmental surveys, land ownership and land registration data and taking advice from Canal & River Trust, the Inland Waterways Association and other organisations with relevant experience. It is hoped that discussions with the Environment Agency will lead to constructive options for combining restoration possibilities with flood risk mitigation.

Medium to long term – Canal restoration societies with a proven track record for delivering successful restorations combine developing currently available sites with taking advantage of opportunities at other sites when they arise. Planning the work we do into phases enables us to be reactive, to increase the benefit to the community and to further the objectives of the Society.

For example initial investigations are being undertaken and discussions held with the relevant bodies and landowners of Passenham Quarry. This could lead to the establishment of a channel for the canal through the site as part of the necessary environmental reinstatement which will take place at the end of the abstraction license.

A5 crossing Initial discussions with the Highways Agency look to be creating an opportunity to cross under the A5 adjacent to the River Ouse.
Old Stratford As a most of the canal is lost to housebuilding, an alternative route has been designed to run alongside the river and link Passenham to Cosgrove. Funding and planning advice options are being evaluated.
Passenham Quarry Initial investigations are being undertaken with a view to putting a new canal channel here as part of work when the quarry activities allow.
Deanshanger BCS has previously helped the Parish Council in its negotiations with a local housing developer to have an isolated length of the canal restored as a heritage feature in the village. The loss of most of the canal to housebuilding in the village means the potential link through Passenham to the original route will not come through Deanshangar based on current thinking.

Please contact Terry Cavender for more details on any of these future projects: email terry.cavender@buckinghamcanal.org.uk or call 07976 629440.

Summary – The experience of canal restoration projects is that they start very small and take some time to develop and then grow exponentially. The aspirations of the Society are that a significant asset will be achieved for Aylesbury Vale, South Northamptonshire and the community at large.