£10,000 boost to bridge fund

The Northampton Branch of the IWA were pleased to present a £10,000 boost to the Cosgrove bridge fund at the Buckingham Canal Society AGM on Saturday 18th March 2017. BCS Executive Officer Terry Cavender is pictured receiving the cheque from IWA Branch Chairman Bernard Morton.

The funds have been made available as a part of the legacy from John Faulkner who was a former member of the IWA Northampton Branch Committee. John had remembered the Branch and IWA in his will, leaving a very generous legacy split three ways, each amounting to £41,870 – one to WRG (Waterway Recovery Group), one to IWA Northampton Branch and one to Northamptonshire or other areas of the UK. The current Branch Committee select 3 projects to share the Northamptonshire element and the £10,000 to BCS is a part of that.

A number of other donations have been received designated for the bridge rebuild and associated tasks. These are being held ring fenced for this purpose as part of the society’s reserved funds. Design and survey work will continue on the bridge over the next few months alongside grant application for the cost of the restoration materials. The restricted funds form part of the non grant cash element that most grant funders require to be raised.


Our grateful thanks go to IWA Northampton and John Faulkner