Thank you for using the QR code at our Cosgrove restoration project site. We hope you enjoy your visit and would love to hear your thoughts about the canal restoration work.

Our current focus is on developing the route for the new channel which will descend from the old arm at Cosgrove under the A5 to rejoin the original canal west of Deanshanger.

We previously held a public exhibition in April 2012 at Cosgrove where over 90% of attendees were positive towards our intended restoration. Following an adoption agreement with Canal & River Trust in late 2012, plans to re-water the Buckingham Canal are now under way. The Buckingham Canal Society are also undertaking some maintenance tasks at Cosgrove Lock as part of the adoption.

We have previously built earth bunds (dams) to divide the canal into sections. We then re-watered each section to check it for safety and leaks. This demonstrated the canal could be re-watered within the necessary leakage limits defined by Canal & River Trust.

A key part of the work so the restoration of Bridge 1 which has to be preceded by excavation to find exactly how much of it remains. This work commenced in earnest in October 2016 following creation of a temporary farm crossing to enable us to close the bridge to farm traffic.

More details and progress will be updated here so please come back and visit regularly.

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