The Buckingham Navigator – Issue 97 Autumn 2018

We are pleased to inform you that The Buckingham Navigator – Issue 97 Autumn 2018 is now available to view or download online at:

As well as our regular features, this issue also includes:

  • Athina Beckett reveals how this year’s external organisation’s volunteer hours are on track to exceed last year’s record breaking levels.
  • Colin Levett details the amazing success he has had in procuring a succession of successful grant bids.
  • I bring a little wildlife into focus with some help from a couple of local recorders at Bourton Meadow.
  • Athina Beckett and Sharron Comerford discuss our biggest and most successful festival to date, all illustrated with some beautiful photos from Alan Mynard and Terry Cavender.
  • Society member Claire Conway-Crapp talks about this edition’s cover star – her trailboat TEAL and it’s new status as the first boat on the water at Cosgrove since the re-watering of the first section.

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Ian Matson

The Buckingham Navigator Editor