Cosgrove farm crossing complete (almost!)

Following on from our last post we can now report that the construction of the temporary farm crossing at Cosgrove Bridge 1 is complete… We just need to install some gates in the fence in order for it to be usable!

Laying the "bog board" at Cosgrove.

Laying the “bog board” at Cosgrove.

Today four members of our volunteer workforce layed the “bog mats” across the previously created “mud” crossing. These are very heavy, solid wood boards, specifically designed to create temporary roadways across difficult terrain. In our case they allow for farm equipment to cross the canal bed whilst we close Bridge 1 for restoration work.

The gates can now be installed in the fence and then we are truly ready to start on the long awaited restoration of Bridge 1, starting with safety fencing then excavating the in-fill to see what we have hiding underneath it!

Cosgrove temporary farm crossing complete.

Cosgrove temporary farm crossing complete.