Aylesbury Vale Lottery

AylesburyValeLotteryEarlier this week two of our members, Jonathan and Athina, dressed in traditional ‘bargee’ costumes, got to meet Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet and chat about their involvement in the Vale Lottery, which we are proud to be associated with. The lottery is organised by the Aylesbury Vale District Council as a way of distributing funds to local good causes and this weeks event was to celebrate its success and an increase in the prizes. You can find full details of the event, including a short video, at the AVDC website: http://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/news/star-turn-celebrate-vale-lotterys-success

You can find out more, in general, about the Vale Lottery on their website:  https://www.valelottery.co.uk/

When you play the lottery you can choose which good cause you want to support, so please, use this link to support the Buckingham Canal Society: https://www.valelottery.co.uk/support/buckingham-canal-society