At a meeting of the trustees on Thursday 28th January 2016 the following statement was agreed:

It is with some sadness that Buckingham Canal Society (BCS) report one of their volunteers and trustees was physically assaulted during a volunteer work party at Cosgrove on Sunday 24th Jan 2016 following verbal abuse upon several other volunteers. The trustees wish to assure all volunteers, members and supporters that they view this as totally unacceptable behaviour and unconditionally support the outcome of the current Police investigation. Due to that ongoing investigation by the Police no further comment can be made about the assault at this time.

In Addition, allegations were erroneously made that the society moved a boat. The boats were in fact involved were moved by Cosgrove Marina who were working in partnership with BCS and Canal and River Trust (CRT) to dredge the section of canal.

The dredging work was undertaken in accordance with approval by CRT and notified by Cosgrove Marina to relevant boat owners. All the necessary Health and Safety compliance as well as the environmental requirements were met. Silt testing took place prior to dredging and full consent of relevant parties including environment agency permits and district council tree consent for the works undertaken was obtained.

These works which are a preliminary phase towards the restoration of bridge 1 on the Buckingham Canal and the ultimate restoration of the Cosgrove section of the canal are fully in accordance with the BCS constitutional purpose of restoration and activities ancillary to achieve the restoration. Additional works in the area both to the east and west of the former bridge one will be ongoing throughout the year including some tree felling which is necessary to allow the excavation of the former bridge. All necessary works will continue to be reviewed by CRT and subject to approval by CRT as part of the ongoing partnership between BCS, CRT and Cosgrove Marina.BSC LOGO 2012 BLUE