Departures and arrivals

Alan HeadShotSml    Doug

At the Trustees meeting on Thursday 17th December, we confirmed the resignation of Peter Watts as a trustee. We would like to thank him for his service to BCS.


At the same meeting we appointed two new trustees being Alan Mynard and Doug Pell.

Alan is a Computer Science graduate who is not just interested in geeky stuff but also likes to get my hands dirty doing practical things. He says “I’ve been interested in canals for as long as I can remember, but it was not until after university that I started enjoying them to the full: we spend many summer holidays cruising around the UK network, mostly in the Midlands and Black Country areas. I got involved in the BCS about 15 years ago, helping out on the weekend practical tasks and continue to do so today. I’ve witnessed a lot of changes over that time! Five years ago (?) I also got involved in the creation of the new BCS web site and am now the web admin for the society.”

Doug is a canal network user for nearly 40 years now wants to put something back in with canal restoration work. He has been actively involved with with the Buckingham Canal Society and Wendover Arm Trust for over two years. Doug is also an IWA member and generally boat mad!


Welcome to them both.