WRG are coming to the Buckingham Gateway


Arrangements are now underway to host 2 weeks of Waterways Recovery Group (WRG) Summer Camps to work on Bridge 1 of the Buckingham Canal at Cosgrove aka “The Buckingham Gateway”.

Still got a number of bits of paper to create/edit/signoff but inkjet printer permitting we are looking good to get the bridge excavated and foundation/castings plus stopping planks for the bridge at towpath level completed by the summer. And yes that’s summer 2016!


Want to be a part of it? We are always looking for a wide range of skills from restoration volunteers physically working on the projects to others helping with back room functions including planning, fund raising, grants an others. Email mike.annan@buckinghamcanal.org.uk or terry.cavender@buckinghamcanal.org.uk for a chat.