Two ends towards the middle

Rewatering is continuing at Cosgrove. Now the harvest is in from the adjacent fields, the level has been allowed to rise in the first and second pound to help identify seepage &/or leaks into the adjacent field.

CRT advice has been sought and they recommend letting it continue to seep as silting and rehydration of the clay will hopefully reduce the small amount of water loss.

The siphons continue to run monitored by Jonathan, Terry and Anthony. We have also been down to clean and adapt some of the drainage pipes to ensure no airlocks occur. Water is now heading towards bridge 2 and the target of A5 for Christmas is on track.


Meanwhile Bourton Meadow end at Buckingham continues to mature with the plants moving towards autumn. Water level has held good, partly helped by the recent rain. We continue to periodically top up from the river to ensure the canal water is oxygenated.

Terry and Anthony visited site to reseat the suction filter for the pump today. While there, we were visited by John Highmore From CRT who delivered some signs for BCS to use as per the below photo.

BCS 02.09.2015 - Bourton Meadow