Grants … volunteers wanted to help.

We have been fortunate to receive a grant From WREN for surfacing work on the towpath at Hyde Lane nature reserve. The grant is for nearly £24,000 and will be for stone, timber, equipment hire etc for the work this autumn. The grant was unlocked following the award of a grant from the Aylesbury Vale Community Chest of nearly £3,000 that unlocked the WREN grant for the project.

At the same we will be partnering with the Buckingham County Council Rights of Way team to make some improvements to the bridleway adjacent to the canal entrance gate at Bourton Meadow, Buckingham. We expect this will improve that section particularly in winter for walkers, cyclists, horses and general access to the restored canal section. the work at this location is at the suggestion of various local people and is funded by a grant of £2,000 from the Buckinghamshire County Council Local Area Forum for Buckingham.


So if you fancy a bit of outdoor activity this autumn, please contact Athina via email at or phone (free) at 0300 323 1350 menu option 2. No previous experience required!