Progress update

BCS restore progress May 2015

We have been making good progress in various ways so far this year

Re-relining at Bourton Meadow, Buckingham

The contractors have finished replacing the failed liner and the 386m section appears to be holding water although monitoring is ongoing. The planting is nearing completion and various wildlife has returned. Signs have been erected “pointing the way” to this section of canal and the feedback from people using the towpath is very positive.

Next activity at this site will be to instal a solar powered top up pump to keep both the water level and dissolved oxygen levels correct.

Sitting down at Hyde Lane nature reserve

The new seating at Hyde Lane is also welcomed by walkers. Our work to edge the towpath is paying dividends.

We have plans to surface the towpath with stone later this year as well as bunding each end of this section to enable the canal to be rewatered again using solar powered pumping.

Little Hill Farm

We have plans to use solar powered pumping here to rewater this 1 mile section which is largely original canal in good condition but will require a bund at each end

Cosgrove rewatering

Following some staff changes at CRT and change of ownership of adjacent land, we still await approvals for the repair work to the towpath bank near bridge one. In the meantime, we are rewatering to a depth of about 300mm (1ft) to establish any other repair activity requirements to the bed of the canal.

As I write this, we have water in over half of the Cosgrove arm towards the A5 which with the existing 233m that is used as moorings makes just over 1,000m in water with just under a further 600m to the A5


We are at various levels of discussions with partners, funders, statutory bodies and many others with plans for various sections. Most recently this has incldued Northamptonshire County Council and the Inland Drainage Board for the area of the canal.

Can you help?

Yes you can! By joining a thinking group, a digging group, a fund raising group or as a supporting member, everyone is welcome. see the get involved section by clicking here.


Terry Cavender, Executive Officer and Trustee

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