Updates for the end of August for Bourton Meadow and Cosgrove

As we enjoy the last few days of August and ponder where the sun is hiding, below is an update on the two current major restoration sites.

Bourton Meadow – contractors are continuing soil, water and liner tests. The result of these should be with us early September to enable an action plan for sealing the canal at the Buckingham end and refilling it.

Cosgrove – With a little help from the heavy rain, pound two is now full and holding water even better than pound one. Both pounds will be kept “overtopping” the drain for the next 11 days then a week of no water other than rain being added. This will give us a performance indicator of the rehydrating clay. Pound three has about 120mm (4″) of water in it as a result of run off from the field combined with the overspill from pound two.

Photo is of pound two at bund two. For those who want to know, the bucket stops floating debris from clogging up the drain which is inside the bucket which has no bottom and is fixed to the drain grid.