Buckingham Canal Water – in Cosgrove !!!

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Yes, after over 22 years of aspiration and perspiration, the moment came shortly after noon on Saturday 17th May 2014 when the first drops of water were taken from the Grand Union Canal and piped into the Buckingham Arm.

For those who want the detail, the pump is used to prime 2 x 30m(100ft) 75mm diameter (3″) suction hoses that have been passed through ducts under the deck of old bridge one. Once primed, the hoses are disconnected and the siphon just runs and runs – all very environmentally friendly as well ūüôā

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One of the siphons decided to stop overnight although no signs of tampering or failure have been found. It has been successfully restarted using the pump to re-prime the siphon.



As at 6pm on Sunday 18th may, the water depth was 110mm eg about 4 1/2 inches.

We expect the rate of fill to slow as the level rises due to the need to re-hydrate the clay and soil and well as the shape of the canal gets broader the higher we come.

The drain takes water through the bund to the next section of the canal for when we need to rewater that part. It is also to ensure the section does not over top in the event of rain or significant run off from the adjacent fields etc.

Pictures by Richard Lewis, Ian Matson and Kev Davis