Splash – more water ?

Read on for exciting news re Cosgrove.

The restored canal near Buckingham at Bourton Meadow is nearing the end of its top up phase and with the arrival of the weather monitoring station, we will be collecting data over the next few weeks whilst the level drops.

photo 2 - Copy

Meanwhile we have some team building groups working with us over the coming weeks and these will be focused at some earthwork and drainage trench activities at Cosgrove. Final approvals from CRT are anticipated in the next few weeks and this should culminate,subject to water availability and some paperwork, with us potentially filling pound one of the dry section making it very wet! This will of course be under controlled conditions and enable us to identify any necessary remediation work. However, it looks promising to have part of Cosgrove back in water soon.


The team from previous building of bund one summer 2013