BCS volunteers clear storm damage trees

BCS Cosgrove 3-1

BCS Cosgrove 1-1

Buckingham Canal Society (BCS) volunteers have been in action near Cosgrove Lock following this winter’s severe storms, which have brought down several trees across the towpath of the Buckingham Canal.

Following the relentless forces of this winter’s storms, along with the unprecedented amounts of rainfall, these factors combined to weaken not only the most vulnerable, but also the most resilient of trees. If you are familiar with the Buckingham Canal (Old Stratford Arm) between Cosgrove Lock and the A5 at Old Stratford, you will probably know that it is entirely lined with trees on the towpath side, and almost completely lined on the opposite side. Many of the trees, although well maintained throughout the 22 year history of the Society, nonetheless include some very old trees that are sometimes weak & less stable as well as younger less established saplings. These include Oak, Willow, Blackthorn and Crab Apple amongst others. Unfortunately, the towpath trees bore the worst of the excessive weather as they are the most exposed. Much of the opposite side is more densely wooded, providing more protection for the trees along the bank of the non towpath side of the canal.

BCS Cosgrove 2-1

It’s inevitable that the storms will have had a lasting effect on these trees, and the Society will be making every effort to ensure that the towpaths will be kept as safe as possible, although we urge the public to take extra care and due diligence as always in adverse weather along the canal, or with any outdoor activities and pursuits. Future discussions will also take place regarding appropriate species for replacement where appropriate as part of the management of the ecology along this section of our waterways heritage.

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