Work parties as you have never seem them before!

Over the weekend of 11th-12th May we held the first bund creation work party at Cosgrove. This started preparing the canal bed ready for trial watering later this year. The work involved building one of several bunds (dams) across the canal bed to divide the length into sections. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we were unable to use the planned mechanical diggers and had to resort to human powered tools: spades and wheelbarrows! Fortunately we had lots of willing volunteers.

During the weekend we tried out a new bit of tech which results in a time-lapse video of all the days activity, compressing 6 hours into about 2 minutes. So sit back and enjoy…

For the technically minded, this video was created using a Logitech C310 webcam connected to a Raspberry-Pi computer using fswebcam and ffmpeg software and was created, edited and posted by Alan Mynard.