BCS Preserves Rural England

We were recently notified that Buckingham Canal Society (BCS) has been awarded a Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Mark for “Protecting and Enhancing the Buckinghamshire Countryside”. The application for accreditation for the Hyde Lane towpath hedge restoration was made to the Council for the Preservation of Rural England (Bucks) back in August 2011.

Accompanied by three of our volunteers, Bryan Knight, Michael Rawlings and Nigel Preston, all regular hedgers, Helen Preston attended the CPRE Buckinghamshire AGM. The invited CPRE speaker talked about, “Discovering the Countryside”. It was reassuring to learn how closely environmental aspirations of BCS match those of the CPRE.

BCS was one of the three groups in the county judged to be worthy of the award. One was the Brill Village Herd Society whose cattle are being used to manage sustainable grazing of their local common. BCS was the second project. The third was the AVDC Biodiversity Birthday Project, in which a grant-funded biodiversity officer was briefed to involve young people and volunteers, focusing on conservation of barn owls, bats, black poplars and wildlife in towns.

Framed certificates for the “Buckingham Canal Hedgerow Project” were presented to the BCS group who attended the event by Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, vice-president of CPRE (Bucks). BCS were also given the impressive CPRE MARK plaque (see below) which will be displayed at the Hyde Lane site.

Our thanks go to all the ‘hedgers’ who worked on the project. We are currently exploring which hedge is the next candidate as part of the works planned for both Cosgrove and Bourton Meadow.