Cosgrove – Lock Lane Car Park

In November 2011 our work parties moved to Cosgrove where we carried out a special job for British Waterways. Earlier in the year we were asked by them, as a participating member of the Iron Trunk Restoration consortium, if we would assist in the refurbishment of Lock Lane, Cosgrove. This was to be a follow up project to the ‘Jubilee People Millions’ award for the Iron Trunk. BW are expecting an increase in visitor numbers to the area once the Iron Trunk project has been completed, and so in November our volunteers were to be seen carrying out improvements to the car park.

The first work party took place on Thursday 3rd November and work continued over the next two work parties. Our Volunteers worked hard clearing and smartening up the whole area, removing rubbish (including a supermarket trolley and car tyres) and cutting back overhanging branches and trees, and painting the railings at the top and bottom of the car park. The rest of the work, including improvements to the road surface, was carried out by contractors.