Old Maps

The original course of the Buckingham Canal taken from old Ordnance Survey maps of Buckinghamshire (1885) & Northamptonshire (1892).

The maps may be viewed in 2 sizes, the small map will fit on a screen whilst the larger version will require navigation using the slide bars.

The maps can be printed by first downloading them to your hard disk (right click on the image).

All locations on map titles refer to features on current Ordnance Survey Explorer maps.

The approximate course of selected modern day major roads is shown by a Red dotted line.

This page has been created based on original work created on 27/11/2002 by P.Robertson

Small Maps Large Maps
map1 Buckingham to Old Mill House big-map1
map2 Old Mill House to East of Hydelane Farm big-map2
map3 East of Hydelane Farm to Thornton big-map3
map4 Thornton to Mountmill Farm big-map4
map5 Mountmill Farm to South of Deanshanger big-map5
map6 South of Deanshanger to Chantry Farm big-map6
map7 Chantry Farm to A5 Trunk Road big-map7
map8 A5 Trunk Road to Cosgrove big-map8