The fact that we are able to demonstrate public support is one of our most important assets to restore the Buckingham Canal. Membership is the best way to demonstrate this. We value each and every member immensely whether you support us by becoming a member, coming to the our annual festival and meeting, attending just one (or many!) work parties a year, setting up camp by the canal so you are always ready for the next work party or spending every waking hour working on restoring it!

Every member helps us move towards our objectives both by their demonstration of support in their membership and some also by the contribution they make as volunteers. Primary funding for our canal restoration is not being sought from public funds. Volunteering, supported by fund raising activities and grant applications, are the main methods used by the Society to raise the funds for its restoration projects. When the Society applies for grant funding, we are always asked about our current membership figures. Every member counts! We cannot restore this canal on our own, and your membership is truly valued.

All members receive our quarterly colour newsletter “The Buckingham Navigator“, which gives updates on the Society’s progress, as well as informative articles on the history of the canal and waterways news.

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